We comprehend our Client's needs, plan methodically, provide inspired, innovative solutions,
implement these and succeed within budget and time frame.

Your VOO providing the operational services you need

ReVamp Consulting Services recognise that many companies do not require a full time Chief Operating Officer (COO) and hence we provide our clients with a "Virtual Operating Officer" (VOO) option – the on-demand services of a very experienced operational management team providing organizational services and solutions to business operational matters.

We also provide COOs with assistance on specific tasks or projects. Operational matters embrace all matters relating to the successful, efficient running of any business "back office" and not necessarily confined to project management of contracts or projects.

For companies that do not have a full time COO using our VOO approach provides them access to a competence, experienced operational manager to support their business needs. We provides on-demand assistance for the overloaded management team allowing them to concentrate on their core business and hence completing projects sooner and on time.

Making use of our Virtual Operating Officer service allows management to decrease full time employment costs and have less staff overheads and liability – often used for shorter term appointment/projects.

Innovative and efficient solutions

ReVamp Consulting Services provides a diverse type of consulting service. Our solutions are innovative and efficient, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and current work practice.

dot    Review/plan all operational matters – We have a vast amount of experience across a range of operational practices based on our years of experience to a host of operational functions;

dot    Defining and documenting Business analysis / Opertional processes for existing businesses or new ventures. Using a 'fresh' set of eyes often provides a more efficient solution rather than using in-house staff who may be inclined to keep doing 'business as usual' We use a visual method of defining processes that are very clear and defines the role's responsibility as well as the predecessor / successor of each task;

dot    Provide Customised Excel spreadsheet / linked forms / flow diagrams. So often existing spread sheets are incorrect and ineffective. We can assist by adding functionality to highlight outcomes, produce meaningful graphs, inserting macros for repetitive work etc.;

dot    Review and define the IT applications / infrastructure that is currently used – this provides a Management Information Services (MIS) diagram for management which outlines the MIS relationship without the confusing IT acronyms. Management frequently do not have a full understanding of their MIS and hence cannot add value, govern outcomes or improve efficiencies ;

dot    Review existing or set-up 'back office' operations for a new operation – including staff IT profiles / access matrix etc.;

dot    Agree / create and implement "intelligent" electronic filing system / file notation that also align with hard copy filing. Use of incorrect filing formats create loss of documentation / waste of time and duplication of files;

dot    Office premises relocation / churn - extensive experience with project managing as a Clients representative premises relocation and office churn. These tasks are frequently allocated to in-house staff that have little or no experience with these tasks and hence inefficient or outdated methods are applied which has long term negative effects on the business:

These typically include:

  • Planning to relocate;
  • Identifying suitable premises / lease analysis;
  • Project manage refurbishment, design and fit out of new premises, make good of previous tenancy;
  • All client operational relocation issues - from arranging department locations /seating staff, revised filing structures, new business cards/internet page data upgrades to selecting data centres/data line implementation;
  • Setting up new offices / remote offices.

The use of our VOO service for the above typical projects/tasks ensure that solutions are based on industry knowledge and current work practice. Use of in-house staff that do not have the necessary experience/time to undertake and complete these tasks is often expensive and inefficient solution.

Our client approach

We help our clients undertake any projects/tasks and build tailored solutions to help them achieve desired outcomes.

Using a 'fresh' set of eyes frequently provides a more efficient outcome rather than using in-house staff who may be inclined to keep doing 'business as usual'.

We begin by helping our clients focus on the issues at hand in order to get the most effective and practical solution. We aim to find the quickest route to successful execution.

  • Review existing status quo;
  • Ensuring the Client is aware of issues 'included' and 'excluded' from the project as well as ensuring future requirements are catered for – this approach warrants that all scenarios are accounted for;
  • Ensure project approvals, budgets and time lines are signed off;
  • Work with/direct client in-house teams or specialist consultants;
  • Continual monitor, control and report back during project;
  • Complete within Time and Budget;