Your Virtual Operating Officer

Your "Virtual Operating Officer" - providing the operational assistance you need. We market ourselves as "Your VOO" (Virtual Operating Officer) as opposed to the traditional COO (Chief Operating Officer).

Many larger companies have the need for a full time COO but in smaller / medium sized companies, there is not always that requirement and that is where we position our services. We also assist larger companies COO's with projects on a 'demand' basis i.e. typically projects of operational / managerial nature where COOs require short term / part time assistance on a per project basis – either for a fixed period or on a rate basis.

We often undertake operational business analysis / operational process documentation for Clients. We prefer / recommend the "Flow Chart Diagram" method where job positions / champions are listed vertically and all tasks are defined or 'flowed' horizontally hence allowing staff to see their tasks / responsibilities as well as clearly being able to see the predecessor / successor of each task. The advantage of this system is it is not too wordy i.e. words often "get in the way" and are open to misinterpretation.

We work together with the clients' in-house teams or with capable specialist consultants with whom we have undertaken prior cooperative ventures.

ReVamp Consulting Services provides a diverse type of consulting service. Our solutions are innovative and efficient.

Selected Clients we have worked with.